Mobile accounting built for you.

Our clients are fortunate enough to enjoy an online accounting system built specifically for contractors. This software has been developed in-house, and since we opened our doors in 2005 we have continuously updated it, refined it, and added more features that our clients wanted or needed. Its more than just accounting software, and now we have taken the best parts, and put them on your phone.

You don't download our web app. Just visit our homepage on your mobile phone and you will be redirected to our web app. Or alternatively, from your phone visit us at (our web app is a website - but it looks and functions just like an app!)




Rushed to finish all your jobs at the end of the day? While enjoying your train ride home, or waiting for your friend to meet you at the local bar, impress your client with your organisational skills and send them your invoice straight 'from your office'.


Waiting in line to buy the Travel card you use to get to your clients offices? While you are waiting, go to your Expenses page, tap last week's travel expense, and hit 'Duplicate'. That's your travel expense taken care of for another week.

Your personal earnings

It's been a good year, and you have managed to pay yourself plenty of money but you want to make sure your total personal income does not exceed the threshold at which higher rate dividend tax becomes a problem. So how much have you paid yourself this tax year? This feature lets you know how close you are to the higher rate earnings level (and if you have exceeded this threshold, you can see approximately how much tax we think you will owe). Your phone can now look after your personal tax affairs!

Your company information

So, you have a new contract with a great client, who wants to pay you plenty. To seal the deal all they need is your company registration number and your VAT number. No problem, pull out your phone and get those details before the ink has had a chance to dry. Or how about that time you moved house and think you may have forgotten to tell us...just check here to see what address information we hold for you. If it's wrong send us an email or give us a call. Not bad aye?

Reminders and Notices

Lucky you - all set to head to Greece for a week sailing with your friends but there is a nagging thought in the back of your mind that you need to do something for your friendly accountant. If we need something important from you, or we think there is something important that you need to know - you can find it here.

Our top tips

Tip 1. Add a Shortcut button to your Home screen. Navigate your phone browser to and then add a shortcut button to your Home screen - you have just set-up the easiest way to access our app.

Tip 2. If you feel safe and secure, don't Log Out. Once you are finished using the app, just close it, don't tap the Log Out button. So long as you logged in with the 'Remember me' slider set to 'On', you can use our app again and again by tapping your shortcut button without the need to log in each time.

Tip 3. Reading. If you have some long invoice or expense descriptions that you want to read within the app, rotate your phone to landscape.

Tip 4. Getting in touch. You can email or call your account manager straight from links on the Dashboard screen.

Tip 5. Enter the same expenses all the time? Select an expense from the app, and tap the Duplicate button. A new expense will be added exactly like the old one, but updated to today's date.

Tip 6. Your accounting records are updated in real time. All you need to use our app is a data connection from your network provider, or a Wi-Fi connection.