Sending money around the world?

Transferring your money is simple, fast and safe using the money transfer services of Currency Online at rates the banks just can't get close to (or if they can, keep an eye on their hefty commission).

Spot Contract - Immediate money transfers

Buy Now, Pay Now. Transfer one currency for another at the current market rate. Used for immediate money transfers and the most popular method of transferring your funds.

All the online benefits

Highly competitive live exchange rates, 24/7 secure online platform, zero or low transfer fees, and access to over 25 currencies.

Quick to get started

Signing up is easy and will take no more than 5 minutes. In some cases we may need some documents from you to prove your identity and/or address. Just photograph it and send from your phone.

Help is at hand

Human beings are on hand to help. They provide a TOLL FREE helpdesk number to talk you through setting up an account or making your first transfer if required.

Forward Contract

Buy now, Pay Later. A forward contract allows you to enter into a contract at the current market rate for payment in the future.

Market Orders

Not happy with the current exchange rate? No problems. You can place a Market Order to target a rate that you would like to achieve and they’ll monitor it for you.